Small Scale/Large Scale


Contemporary hog production is vastly different from historical farming practices, not least because of a major shift in scale. This installation uses 3D stereoscopic images, models and dioramas, schematic drawings, and diagrams of mathematical formulas to connect tourism, the slaughterhouses of Chicago, suggested methods of handling "catastrophic mortality" in large hog populations, and Euclidean geometry.

Antique stereoscope with stereoscopic images of dioramas illustrating methods of hog carcass disposal in incidences of "catastrophic mortality", Fisher Price Viewmaster toy, fabricated Fisher Price barn, 1000 plastic miniature hogs, inkjet prints of vintage stereoscopic image cards showing Chicago slaughterhouse facilities, map of Chicago stockyards, colored pencil schematic drawing of today's ideal hog, diagrams of simple mathematical equations for determining area, density, weight, volume, wall labels

Photos: Michael Woody and Will Arnold (Fisher Price barn)