Point of No Return


Building off the uncanny religious terminology used in de-extinction science or “resurrection biology”, and its futuristic technologies aimed at returning to the past, Point of No Return explores extinction narratives and the cultural work they are doing in the time of the 6th mass extinction.

The installation is accompanied by a book, Forward to the Past!, that includes an essay by Dr. Katharine Mershon and was published by Paper Machine. Copies of the accompanying book can be purchased at Paper Machine.

Home-made reliquaries for extinct animals (wood, lights, house paint, plastic flowers, fake crystal, plastic cake toppers and religious knick-knacks, 3D printed skull, tree branch, plastic frog dissection model, vintage Kleenex box holder, glass taxidermy eyes, paper mache, decoy pigeon, pigeon spikes, wax); Drawings (colored pencil and xerox), carved faux granite, plastic flowers, plastic thylacine and tortoise, sympathy cards and cemetery wreaths, print-out of a poem by Margaret Atwood "Elegy for a Tortoise," wooden cut-outs of extinct animals, plastic water pistols, balloons and mylar

Installation of "Point of No Return" at Antenna in New Orleans, LA

Interactive walk-through of installation at Antenna, New Orleans, August 2021