Pig Organ


This installation uses a re-imagined "Pig Organ," a strange medieval musical instrument comprised of a "chorus of swine" poked and prodded to create "music," to consider the power relationships at play in cross-species organ transplantation. The organ is decorated with illustrations of animals playing musical instruments made out of parts of their own bodies and stands ready to accompany a soloist. The sheet music on the music stand is for the song "Give You My Heart" by Michael Kaeshammer, and its lyrics hauntingly resonate: "You wouldn’t put salt in your tea; They can’t imagine you with me; Well I know, it’s a strange combination . . . Who ever thought a plane would fly; Who ever dreamed or wondered why; We’re impossible, it’s incredible; That it feels so right . . . Maybe I wasn’t meant for you; Maybe you weren’t meant for me; But baby, I’ll Give You My Heart."

Carved wood, spring-loaded metal pokers, straw, music stand, hanging placard, wax heart
Photos: Will Arnold