Famous Monsters


With a focus on the ‘endling’ – the last remaining individual of a nearly-extinct species – Famous Monsters draws attention to the romanticized ways we think about extinction. These charismatic and pathetic creatures are, in effect, the undead . . . tragic symbols of loneliness, never to find love, caught in the space between a once-thriving population and oblivion. Famous Monsters recasts well-known endlings as no longer passive, lovesick victims, but instead as zombie monsters who attack people in an outdoor recreation store, a cemetery, and a campsite in Tasmania. The story counters the dominant focus on heterosexual breeding relationships, as the zombies procreate through alternative means and go from lonely individuals to overwhelming masses, rivaling their former numbers.

Faux taxidermy thylacine (Tasmanian tigers), faux granite platform, photocopies, barstools, faux flowers and ribbons, glass bell-jars with found plastic tortoises, thylacine, and passenger pigeons, copies of comic (4-color Risograph, edition of 200, printed by Work Press & Publication) Photos: Courtesy the artist except where noted.

Installation of "Famous Monsters" at Carnation Contemporary in Portland, Oregon

This project was partially funded by a grant from Artist Trust.

Copies of the comic can be purchased at Work Press & Publication.

You can view the full PDF of the comic here.