As Above, So Below


This exhibition tells the story of MegaSkwrl, a big-foot-like alien Siberian flying squirrel that causes anarchy and chaos in an effort to encourage us to be open to the unknown in a world where the predicted consequences of climate-change can feel determined and unchangeable. Inspired by the Fortean Times (a journal of paranormal phenomena), the accompanying book (Uncertain Times) is comprised of fake articles, personal essays, quotes, and a series of collages that sample from 90’s back issues of the Fortean Times, video stills from the X-Files (1993), collages the artist made while in high school in the 90’s, illustrations of Annie Besant’s Thought-Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation, and video-stills and camera trap photos of MegaSkwrl taken in the Olympic National Forest. The legendary squirrel and the conspiracy theories around it provoke questions about the ways both liberal and conservative politics use nostalgia, distrust of the government and authority, and the allure of aliens, monsters, magic, new-age practices, appropriated Indigenous ideas, and the unknown to provide meaning in all-too certain times.

This project is a dual exhibition with Kyle Adam Kalev Peets, made in conversation with one another throughout the process. Echoes in subject and material occur throughout. In contrast to Lux’s work looking to the stars, Peets’ work looks below, to imagine the world of rocks. Play and the suspension of disbelief are used to shift perspectives towards the more-than-human to destabilize hierarchical ways of looking at, then acting in the material world. Details about Peet’s work are available on his website.

This exhibition was part of a Ford Family Foundation and PICA grant-funded conversation series, Exploring Crossover, hosted at Carnation Contemporary. To read transcripts of our discussion with writer Eden Redmond , please visit Conversations: As Above, So Below.

Framed inkjet prints of collages, video, vintage TV set, fur-covered mug, golden nuts, cardboard cut-out of MegaSkwrl, lighting, “Uncertain Times,” book

Installation of “As “Above, So Below” at Carnation Contemporary in Portland, OR

Selected spreads from Uncertain Times, a book of collages and writing by the artist. 

MegaSkwrl Sighting

Video walk-through of installation (showing Kyle Adam Kalev Peet’s work as well).